The Company: Quality

Quality doesn’t come about by chance.

We are a leader in our field when it comes to quality. That requires expertise, know-how, experience, application skills and an accurate understanding of our customers’ requirements. We have put in place a quality management system and have been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1995. All the processes in our company are precisely defined on this basis and are continuously monitored.

You can rely on our certified quality.

Made in Germany

Delivering quality is also a question of location.

Products manufactured in Germany have a high standing on the international market, and that is why ours are “Made in Germany”.

Our certifications:

ISO 9001 certificate

To achieve precision and quality, it is essential that companies optimise sequences, ensure processes are traceable and continuously strive to make improvements.

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TÜV certificate

A manufacturing process that has been tested by leading international safety and quality certification body TÜV ensures safety and reliability.

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AEO certificate

Vosschemie GmbH has held AEOF (Combined Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety) certification since 10 November 2010 and thus satisfies the international conditions for modern, effective risk management in relation to customs matters. The company is therefore registered with customs authorities as an Authorised Economic Operator.

Our divisions

AUTOMOTIVE division:

The Automotive division supplies perfectly coordinated product systems for bodywork and paintwork repairs.

Comprising more than 2,000 products, the CARSYSTEM brand offers a full range for day-to-day needs in the car refinishing sector. Everything you need from one place – worldwide.


DECO & YACHT division

We supply products for boat and yacht maintenance and for upkeep work around the garden and house that meet the needs of skilled professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.

Everything needed for repair, maintenance, conservation and renovation work to the very highest quality standards – and all from one place.


INDUSTRY division

Vosschemie has years of experience in working with unsaturated polyesters, polyurethanes, epoxies and silicones.

Working in these product areas for our customers, we formulate a wide range of different solutions that are designed to meet the ever growing demands of the market.

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