Deco & Yacht: division

Tried-and-tested solutions

The Deco & Yacht division is home to products that reach end users through retailers and wholesalers. It covers application areas such as wood preservation, boat maintenance and refitting, and painting and decorating. We specialise in one and two-part filling compounds in DIY and professional quality.

Outstanding product quality and perfectly coordinated product systems are the bedrock of perfect results. This principle unites the three brands PAINT-SYSTEM, SCANDICCARE and YACHTCARE.

Deco & Yacht brands
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High technology for your yacht

The YACHTCARE brand from Vosschemie offers a full range of cutting-edge technologies for boat owners. With everything from anti-fouling treatments to foam rollers, this tried-and-tested portfolio for cleaning, maintaining and repairing boats has a full range for all boat building materials above and below the waterline.

Providing the perfect complement to the YACHTCARE range are Hempel yacht paints, which are distributed exclusively by Vosschemie. Hempel paint systems are renowned for providing outstanding protection and resilience under the toughest environmental conditions and on every continent. Today, Hempel is the world’s leading supplier of anti-fouling and fouling-release technologies.

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Natural care with long-lasting results.

Wood is a natural product and a well-loved material in the home and garden. However, for wood to retain its natural resilience, weather resistance and flexibility, it has to be treated and maintained. The SCANDICCARE wood care range is based on natural oils that allow wood to breathe. This helps to preserve and reinforce the original character of every type of wood.

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For expert modernisation.

The PAINT-SYSTEM portfolio is a perfectly coordinated range for DIY enthusiasts and professionautomotiveals. As a leading European manufacturer of two-part polyester filling compounds, we can offer the ideal filling compound for every type of repair. What’s more, the PAINT-SYSTEM range also includes polyurethane primers, floor sealants, floor levelling compounds, resin systems and casting compounds.

The PAINT-SYSTEM manual sets out application areas and solutions that can be used for modernisation work.

Our divisions

AUTOMOTIVE division:

The Automotive division supplies perfectly coordinated product systems for bodywork and paintwork repairs.

Comprising more than 2,000 products, the CARSYSTEM brand offers a full range for day-to-day needs in the car refinishing sector. Everything you need from one place – worldwide.


DECO & YACHT division

We supply products for boat and yacht maintenance and for upkeep work around the garden and house that meet the needs of skilled professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.

Everything needed for repair, maintenance, conservation and renovation work to the very highest quality standards – and all from one place.


INDUSTRY division

Vosschemie has years of experience in working with unsaturated polyesters, polyurethanes, epoxies and silicones.

Working in these product areas for our customers, we formulate a wide range of different solutions that are designed to meet the ever growing demands of the market.