Vosschemie acquires majority of Spheretex

NEWS of 2.03.2017

Uetersen / Hilden

As of 20 February 2017, Vosschemie GmbH, Uetersen, will hold the majority of shares of Spheretex GmbH, Hilden. An agreement has been reached that the purchase price shall remain confidential.

The takeover will involve a change of management. Mr Christoph Esser, previously already a co-partner and authorised signatory, will assume management responsibility for Spheretex GmbH at the Hilden location. He will replace Siegfried Gerhards, who will leave the company as of 31 March 2017. Mr Ralph-Michael Bath will remain in management.

Spheretex products are used in a variety of industrial application areas. Volumised core products and reinforcement fibres for the production of thermosetting moulded components in open and closed processes are manufactured. Vosschemie in this way strengthens its position in the lightweight design market segment. The company takeover also enables the targeted further development of the overall portfolio.

Our divisions

AUTOMOTIVE division:

The Automotive division supplies perfectly coordinated product systems for bodywork and paintwork repairs.

Comprising more than 2,000 products, the CARSYSTEM brand offers a full range for day-to-day needs in the car refinishing sector. Everything you need from one place – worldwide.


DECO & YACHT division

We supply products for boat and yacht maintenance and for upkeep work around the garden and house that meet the needs of skilled professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.

Everything needed for repair, maintenance, conservation and renovation work to the very highest quality standards – and all from one place.


INDUSTRY division

Vosschemie has years of experience in working with unsaturated polyesters, polyurethanes, epoxies and silicones.

Working in these product areas for our customers, we formulate a wide range of different solutions that are designed to meet the ever growing demands of the market.


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